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Over 500 new sites are being built on WordPress every day


Why Choose WordPress?

RFM Digital is your destination for user-friendly WordPress websites for businesses, churches, and non-profit organizations. We specialize in creating strong, mobile-ready websites that attract and engage customers, recognizing that websites are essential for your marketing strategy.

While social media is valuable for brand promotion, it shouldn't be your primary tool. A website offers a controlled environment where you can shape your brand narrative and establish trust with customers. With a clear "Call to Action," you can prompt visitors to take desired actions like purchasing or subscribing to a newsletter.

WordPress powers over 40% of the internet because it's easy, flexible, and powerful. At RFM Digital, we use WordPress to build stunning, SEO-friendly websites that are mobile-ready and scalable. It's user-friendly for groups like the Cub Scouts and the local PTA, yet robust enough for giants like the New York Times, CNN, and UPS.
WordPress is the most popular content management system globally, with over 60% market share and 500 new sites built daily.

Investing in a WordPress website is a smart choice. It offers flexibility and scalability, allowing updates and feature additions as your business grows. At RFM Digital, we create dynamic websites that support your marketing efforts. We build beautiful, functional, and easy-to-maintain websites that can evolve with your business.

For an easy-to-use, mobile-ready, and SEO-friendly website, choose River Falls Media. Contact us today to learn more about our WordPress website services. We understand that every business has different goals and budgets, offering two pricing options: Ala Carte and All-Inclusive. Ala Carte gives you tailored solutions, while All-Inclusive provides comprehensive support. Our projects range from $3,200 to over $15,000, with most small businesses spending $5,500-$7,500. Regardless of your budget, we'll build a crisp, clean website that grows with your company.

To get started, schedule a Game Plan call. We'll learn about your business and goals, ensuring your new website meets your needs. Once we agree to work together, we'll design, build, and review the site before launching it for visitors.

Planning and Strategy

Understand client goals: Determine the client's objectives and target audience to create a website that aligns with their business goals. Content outline: Outline the website's structure, pages, and content requirements.

Design and Wireframing

Visualize the layout: Create wireframes or mockups to define the website's structure and user interface. Select a theme: Choose a suitable WordPress theme that reflects the client's brand and design preferences.

Development and Customization

Install WordPress: Set up the WordPress platform on the client's hosting server. Customize the theme: Modify the chosen theme, including colors, fonts, and layout, to match the client's branding.

Create engaging content:

Create engaging content: Develop high-quality written, visual, and multimedia content that showcases the client's products or services. SEO optimization: Optimize content for search engines by incorporating relevant keywords and meta tags.

Functionality and Plugins

Essential functionality: Install and configure necessary plugins to enhance the website's functionality, such as contact forms, security, and caching. Custom features: Develop or integrate custom plugins or functionalities specific to the client's requirements.

Testing and Launch

Cross-browser compatibility: Ensure the website functions correctly across different web browsers. User testing: Conduct thorough testing to identify and resolve any usability or functionality issues. Website launch: Deploy the finished website to the client's domain, making it accessible to the public.